Rajnagar Reward Welfare Association (REWARD) has been registered in the year 2013, and ever since then involved in many social developmental activities. ‘REWARD’ is always with the aim to make sustainable the livelihood of the marginalized sector of the society.авиатор

Donate for children sponsorship programme
₹ 300

Per Month up to class VI
₹ 800

Per Month up to class XII

Donation for the educational Sponsorship project will make sustainable the marginalized children to continue their studies.

Donate for Development Projects to make the community sustainable Water Filter: ₹ 500

Small animal rearing for a family: ₹2000

IGP for community: ₹ 10000

Donation for the Development Projects to make the community sustainable.

Adopt A Village

     Adopting a village to mitigate the problems by strengthening the community itself rather than depending on out sources is a very effective way to be part of. REWARD generally differentiate the community on the basis of the resources available with them, first, in respect of Food, Clothes, Shelter, and Second Health- hygiene, Education, Income-generation and in the third parameter REWARD emphasize on value addition of the resources to receive the maximum output. You can adopt a village in all the ways whether it is about charity towards basic needs, educational materials, Safe drinking water utensils, Securing the food basket of a family, and Income generation activities.авиатор игра


Seema is very happy to receive the sewing machine, now she can take the full responsibilities of the family. Seema’s husband left her when she became pregnant, after that she was devastated and was totally dependent on her mother. But now her mother is too old to work too much.

“I am thankful to REWARD for helping me with the sewing machine, now daily basis I can earn Rs.150, which is sufficient for me, my daughter and my mother.”

Shefali learnt from the educational classes regarding safe drinking water, and asked so many questions to her mother. Today she is very happy to receive the Water Filter, now she and the whole family can drink a minimum safe water to prohibit cholera, dysentery

“I am thankful to REWARD for helping me with the Water Filter, now we can drink safe water.” Said Shefali’s mother.

Subi Hansda of Machantoli village of Bhabanipur Panchayet was suffering from Scrofuloderma a rare form Tuberculosis, which is a skin condition caused by tuberculous involvement of the skin by direct extension. The child was identified while the malnutrition camp was going on and he was suffering from last 1 and half year. But after identification NRS Kolkata kept the child for observation and medical tests 40 days, then the disease was being identified and with the help of CMOH, DTO of Birbhum district the treatment started in his home. We are thankful to all the authorities.

Throughout the year TrichosanthesDioica (Patol) is the primary crop of Motilal Bagdi of Durgapur village of Bolpur, 6 kathas of land he had utilized mainly with Patol, in fences ridge gourd, Bitter Gourd and Kusum. He is able to sale 40kgs of Patol in a week in Bolpur market.

REWARD only helped to convert him from mono-crop user to multi-crop dependency.

“ I have learnt Organic nutrition for the plants and crops from REWARD which helped to decrease the cost of production.












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