Health & Hygiene

Community Awareness through Health Education

     In community Awareness through health education programme with the involvement of health worker “ASHA”, “ANWESHA” and our Volunteers the following aspects are being emphasized:

Women Health: Breast feeding, Breast Cancer, Gynaecological Health, Ovarian & Cervical Cancer and Pregnancy issues. 

Children Health: Colds, Hand- Foot-Mouth diseases, Lice-Worms-Warts effects, and Nutrition- Micronutrient deficiency.

Adolescent Health: Transition from Childhood to Adulthood, Early Pregnancy- Child Birth care, Alcohol-Drugs, Undernutrition-Underweight, and other infectious diseases.


  • REWARD has been able to provide the ambulance service to 3000 beneficiaries in these 5 years.
  • REWARD’s successful networking with the Health institutions helped our beneficiaries to avail the facilities of Government hospitals of Kolkata.
  • The health insurance schemes by the Govt. also helped the beneficiaries to afford the treatment.
  • REWARD helped 1200 beneficiaries to avail RSBY (RashtriyaSyasthaBimaYozna), so that they can afford the treatment.
  • REWARD established 2500 sanitary rural toilets.

Safe Water

“Safe Water always Saves Life”

As we know our communities suffer from most of the water born diseases, such as Cold, Dysentery, Cholera, and Skin diseases in Villages, and Slums. REWARD initiated low cost “Green filter” system to filter the water before drinking without the usage of Electricity or any power supply.

Also, usage of boiled water, and hygienic practices by the mothers mainly are being emphasized.

  • Deep tube-wells for the community,
  • Drinking water unit

Psycho-Social Counselling For Terminal Stage Diseases

     This is the latest wing of REWARD, where we are able to help by funding a child friendly zone which is called “KHELAR GHOR” a “Play Room” for our terminal stage Cancer children.

     The point behind this is to counsel the children in a way where words are not enough, also this Child Friendly zone is giving the space for the children to avoid the hospital bed for a certain time in a day.

     Except, the terminal stage children, the counselling through various activities has been initiated for the Slum and Rural area children also, to revive them from the beginning of the life, so that they can built up some ambition to achieve something and change their situation with the power of knowledge.