Community Awareness through Health Education

     In community Awareness through health education programme with the involvement of health worker “ASHA”, “ANWESHA” and our Volunteers the following aspects are being emphasized:

Women Health: Breast feeding, Breast Cancer, Gynaecological Health, Ovarian & Cervical Cancer and Pregnancy issues. 

Children Health: Colds, Hand- Foot-Mouth diseases, Lice-Worms-Warts effects, and Nutrition- Micronutrient deficiency.

Adolescent Health: Transition from Childhood to Adulthood, Early Pregnancy- Child Birth care, Alcohol-Drugs, Undernutrition-Underweight, and other infectious diseases.


  • REWARD has been able to provide the ambulance service to 3000 beneficiaries in these 5 years.
  • REWARD’s successful networking with the Health institutions helped our beneficiaries to avail the facilities of Government hospitals of Kolkata.
  • The health insurance schemes by the Govt. also helped the beneficiaries to afford the treatment.
  • REWARD helped 1200 beneficiaries to avail RSBY (RashtriyaSyasthaBimaYozna), so that they can afford the treatment.
  • REWARD established 2500 sanitary rural toilets.